Ask the Board – February 5, 2018 | ANGIE NALEPKA


If you could magically ask the digital signage industry for anything at all, some new innovation that would dazzle and amaze your clients and peers, what would it be?”

The Ultimate Screen

I would love to see a highly flexible, affordable and cut-to-size customizable to fit and operate in any environment … as small as a postcard or as large as a building wrap. It would be sturdy and nimble enough to wrap vehicles or mount on angular architecture. This technology would be durable and comfortable enough to become a wearable.

This would offer easy installation for an incredible presence. Adjustable illumination levels with virtually no heat and minimal electrical requirements even with the largest installations.   And of course sound-enabled with built-in audio to offer a full immersion experience

This would offer infinite possibilities to immerse the viewer in an incredible digital environment. 

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