Ask the Board – February 5, 2018 | DAVID SALEME


If you could magically ask the digital signage industry for anything at all, some new innovation that would dazzle and amaze your clients and peers, what would it be?”

The digital signage industry has delivered new innovations year after year. Clearer, brighter, thinner, cheaper, interactive, analytic, immersive, dimensional and robotic – they have all been done. All that is left is a sign that produces what it displays. Whether it’s a burger, beer, clothes, cars, electronics or healthcare, a sign that can instantly deliver the product or service shown would amaze and dazzle even the most hard-to-sell clients or cynical peers. This needs to be more than a robust vending machine or screen tied to an online store. Most anything can be acquired within one to 24 hours from our phones, but who has time to wait after seeing a perfectly prepared burger on screen. Eliminating time between the impulse to buy and the actual purchase is critical to ensuring the intended transaction happens. This change would also have a fundamental impact on content development and would be pretty darn amazing.

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