Ask the Board – February 5, 2018 | JIM RILEY


If you could magically ask the digital signage industry for anything at all, some new innovation that would dazzle and amaze your clients and peers, what would it be?”

In my view, the digital signage industry continues to progress at a rapid pace and seems to evolve with the present technology.  Reflecting back to five or ten years ago, everything from the type of creative, to social media interaction, image/video resolution and implementation of files have changed dramatically during that span.  I mention all of this because when you compare the changes the industry has experienced over the last decade to looking ahead over the next10 years, it’s amazing and can be somewhat overwhelming to think about what advances will be made.  I read an article recently from our school district, and the comment was that 65 percent of kindergarten students are anticipated to work in jobs that have yet to be created!  I mention this because it goes to show how fast technology changes and how our world uses it.  When you think of that possibility over the next 12 years and apply the same concept to the digital signage industry, some of the ‘magical asks’ within this month’s topic, won’t be ‘magical’ in the future, but a reality.  For now, my magical ask for digital signage relates to advertising.  Part of our media buy with the Columbus Blue Jackets includes a digital outdoor signage network.  The strategy for us has been to select boards in key locations of the city that deliver a high rate of traffic (common sense).  However, the new innovation I would like to see is not only to be able to show how many vehicles pass by our message each day, week or month, but to somehow track the individual vehicles as they pass the message and be able to implement it or compare it to our current database/CRM system and potentially retarget those customers with digital ads, emails and contests on multiple devices.  Then, we are not only showing how many people we reach with our digital signage message but would be able to further justify the advertising spend by better identifying the potential customer, adding to our database, tracking ticket sales through this campaign and creating new fans. 

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