Ask the Board – February 5, 2018 | STEVE “CHEWIE” STAVAR


If you could magically ask the digital signage industry for anything at all, some new innovation that would dazzle and amaze your clients and peers, what would it be?”

If I could magically ask the digital signage industry for anything at all, I would ask the industry to get the software to catch up with display hardware.

Traditional monitor hardware evolution has peaked for many visual communications applications. Bezels physically can’t get much thinner. 4K and up monitors and monitor arrays are awesome and impactful, but if software can’t easily drive those monitors and content can’t easily be produced for those applications, the monitors are overkill. With many content management providers pushing cloud-based solutions, what is going to happen when content is able to be produced in 4K, 8K or 16K? Similarly, what happens to the content management solutions that are PC-based, but are still 32-bit and can’t use more than 4GB of RAM?

Yes, we can daisy chain multiple computers together, break down our larger than HD content into HD chunks and play them back frame accurate, but at what cost? With digital signage seeping into every aspect of our lives with less professionally trained people running these networks at the end of the day, the consumer will see the badge of the monitor manufacturer and think final display issues are that of the monitor and not an issue of the person managing the digital signage network or the software they are using.

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