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As exterior LED displays become appropriate for more and more applications, what kind of innovation do you see on the horizon in terms of reinforcing your brand?”

A new becomingFuturistically, the kind of innovation I foresee for interactive displays (LED or otherwise) is what I would describe as Ai-enabled ‘Natural Virtual Interface.’  Have you ever seen depictions of the ‘looking glass’ or magical mirror, whereby one can literally ‘reach into’ the world shown within? Well, imagine a life-size digital screen that portrays a certain amount of depth perception from a frontal view … like a low-depth hologram that you can ‘touch’ or reach into up to a certain depth.  Moreover, the display can ‘see’ and ‘sense’ the user via camera and Ai-enabled video analytics, and with minimal friction, interact with the user’s mobile/wearable/AR devices for additional data insight and interactivity. The user can also literally talk to the display, conversationally, and it can talk back via an NLP interface, again empowered by some form of Ai.  It can also put you in direct video communication with another live (service) person, and participate in and/or assist the conversation, verbally, graphically or otherwise.  It can also make informed inferences in a way that enables it to respond intuitively, beyond the specific query or functions initiated by the user … digital delight and surprise. Running on a more advanced and flexible content management system that allows the digital visual content to be real-time adaptable to the specific user or users. Ah, and let us not forget, all of this at a level of high-definition best described as ‘life-like.’ 

With this vision in mind, the ability to create powerful and uniquely compelling brand experiences is unlimited … and the ‘digital display’ literally becomes a dynamic medium to the organic ‘personality’ of the brand.        

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