Ask the Board – February 6, 2017 | FLOYD APPLEMAN


As exterior LED displays become appropriate for more and more applications, what kind of innovation do you see on the horizon in terms of reinforcing your brand?”

Exterior digital menu boards have been quite the challenge in our environment, from the cold in Boston to the punishing heat and sand in Arizona. Drive-thrus are the lifeblood of our restaurants, and failures on external menu boards during peak dayparts can have a significant impact on sales. Even with new displays promising reliability against all weather, businesses still hesitate to make the investment.  However, presale digital menu boards, in a drive-thru lane, and the possibility for 1:1 marketing through a mobile app will be an exciting opportunity for the space.  Having a “blow you away” experience for your consumer through the drive-thru could be the next stage of innovation where the investment in exterior digital menu boards makes sense.   

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