Ask the Board – February 6, 2017 | JERRY HARRIS


As exterior LED displays become appropriate for more and more applications, what kind of innovation do you see on the horizon in terms of reinforcing your brand?”

I perceive that the next innovative leap in Exterior LED Display technology will be 3D/VR without the use of goggles. There are inherent challenges with taking this technology to such a massive display. However, I suspect display engineers are working on this capability on a grand scale.

For an entertainment venue such as ours, we are always looking for opportunities to attract more guests to our facility through creative and innovative ways. The struggle between large displays and the displays in our pockets will always be a challenge. However, if you give the audience something compelling and engaging such as your branding message through 3D imagery, you will make a lasting impression.

Using 3D/VR LED displays will add a depth of perception that onlookers cannot turn away from … or so we hope.

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