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As exterior LED displays become appropriate for more and more applications, what kind of innovation do you see on the horizon in terms of reinforcing your brand?”

With technological innovations moving at breakneck speeds, now is the time to reinforce your brands. There are many ways immerging technologies can help push a brand and its message.  At Eileen Fisher, part of our business model accounts for the use of more sustainable, green technology.  Exploring new innovations in our digital signage underscore this philosophy.  In a sense, we practice what we preach.  It’s been shown that our customer base takes the environment seriously, and Eileen Fisher’s dedication to that end has secured our company a loyal following.

Another way in which innovations in technology can forward your brand is the quality of the content being presented. HD and 4K imagery are far more detailed than ever before and can enhance how a product is viewed.  Clarity, in fabric for instance or color representation, can lend itself to a better message delivered to the consumer.  This is paramount to a business such as ours that deals with detail and superior craftsmanship.  Ultimately, the product displayed on the screen needs to look fantastic.  Developments in picture size and quality have made this possible.

Other strides in technology that can help push your brand are in e-commerce.  These include improvements in mobile platforms, personalized customer data as well as purchases made from the comfort of your home. Additionally, virtual dressing rooms, advancements in purchasing security, web analytics and more intuitive user interfaces can all contribute to promote your brand.  I see this as the most important area of advancement for our market.  Increased traffic to your website translates to higher sales.  Furthermore, getting the word out through social media is a trend that is at the forefront of marketing and incorporates sales through sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is an area that I believe is still in its infancy and holds a promising future as an additional revenue stream.  Being able to promote and sell your brand in one place is a marketer’s dream.

Ultimately, progression in technology will help a brand more than hurt it. It’s how you use that new technology that makes the difference.  Your business model and brand should reflect how you take advantage of those innovations.

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