Ask the Board – February 6, 2017 | LAWRENCE CHANG


As exterior LED displays become appropriate for more and more applications, what kind of innovation do you see on the horizon in terms of reinforcing your brand?”

Reinforcing our brand has always been a challenge, and while at first, exterior or outdoor LED was a very big attention grabber, it can now also be considered a nuisance or a distraction, especially when driving.  With that in mind, I see a more interactive future where augmented reality becomes more integrated into everyday life, instead of just the usual signs. I can see businesses use the technology that was brought to popularity by Pokemon Go to embed information into geographical locations, or as location-based enticements to visit establishments/businesses. The exterior LED would be used either to notify potential users of the ability, or to show interaction of that audience. With that said, in the end, what will drive and reinforce branding is and always has been content. As long as the content is eye-catching, customer-friendly and consistent to the brand, it promotes the reinforcement of your brand promise. Signage just becomes an extension of the brand experience.

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