Ask the Board – February 6, 2017 | MICHAEL DWYER


As exterior LED displays become appropriate for more and more applications, what kind of innovation do you see on the horizon in terms of reinforcing your brand?”

It will be interesting to see how the movement toward a more personalized and data-driven experience evolves as screens are placed in different locations. OOH networks will be able to more precisely target and leverage data (CRM, weather) and will be able to trigger messages in real time based on what we know about the consumers and their location. It will also provide the opportunity to explore a closer to one-to-one message strategy, speaking to the consumers that can be identified in front of the screen. Coupled with a targeted mobile campaign, there is now the opportunity to leverage phone and display to align messaging and engage the consumer from location to location.  At our restaurants, having greater opportunity and flexibility to add displays outside or place them in exterior facing positions will be able to help drive increased traffic through the use of triggered messaging and the increased resolutions that drive appetite appeal.


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