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As exterior LED displays become appropriate for more and more applications, what kind of innovation do you see on the horizon in terms of reinforcing your brand?”

Fall means temperatures cool down a bit, and outdoor visuals take on greater importance for sending the brand message.  This is perfect timing for this month’s question; what kind of innovation do you see on the horizon in terms of reinforcing “our” brand on exterior LED displays.                                                       

Our messaging has always been about content, content and nothing but content.  The great part of content is that it is “transferrable” to most display mediums. In general, outdoor signage is typically larger formats, more prominent and non-interactive.  This leads me to the question of “innovation on the horizon for reinforcing our brand.” Is it innovation or integration?  We can all agree on the hardware aspect of lower cost, higher resolution and greater visibility as each generation of product comes out. What about integrating cameras, beacon/bluetooth/Wi-Fi/etc. information to enhance the client experience?  We generally use our outdoor displays for directional, wayfinding and informational use. I am really looking forward to the integration with our wireless network to get more information to and from our clients. The future of outdoor displays is really about interactivity, intentional or not, to assist our guests for a better experience on all aspects of challenges all venues currently have with the link to individual needs. This is anywhere from the entry point; guiding clients to the correct facility entry point and even down to the lane, best parking location, stall availability and walking path to the final destination. It would be great to have automatic integration to social media for posts to go directly to the digital sign along with scoreboard info and advertising without all the manual interaction currently required.  It needs to move to simplicity and visual excitement … immediately.

With signs getting larger and larger, “true” video wall options are becoming more available, and with the size, everyone can have a piece of it.  

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