ASK THE BOARD: The Future of the AV Integrator

Is there a future for the AV integrator in digital signage, or will most if not all digital signage deployments eventually become IT projects? Why or why not?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Joel Allard

“There is most certainly a future for the AV integrator. As deployments continue to incorporate complex technology (robust media players, interactive hardware/software, etc.), the lines continue to blur between AV and IT.”
Senior Creative Specialist, In-Store Digital – Target

Read the Answer by Richard Daugherty

“I have found that the customer’s IT department, in most cases, does not want to take on the responsibility of managing and maintaining a digital signage roll-out. Major factors that impact that decision include…”
Digital Media Solutions Engineer – AVI-SPL

Read the Answer by Len Dudis

“While it’s clear that IT involvement has become a critical component for most digital signage deployments, it does not in any way diminish the importance of integrators and the other key components of a successful deployment.”
CIO – Grupo Vidanta

Read the Answer by Joseph McQueen

“I believe the role of the integrator will diminish greatly as the IT-ization of the technology improves. Many factors have simplified digital signage and left the integrator more to do…”
Senior Manager of Marketing Solutions
American Eagle Outfitters

Read the Answer by Daniel Orme-Doutre

“While IT and AV are integrating, many businesses still rely on integrators to fulfill large installations. This built-in reliance won’t go away.”
Media Solution Architect – Microsoft

Read the Answer by Kenneth Brinkman

“Like most everything in life, “you don’t always get what you wish for, you get what you work for,” and the answer to the future of the AV integrator in digital signage is captured in this statement.”
Director of Business Development
Dynamic Digital Signage
Unified AV

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  1. For us the answer isn’t A/V Integrator or IT. In my experience, as more companies do more “In House” they pick up employees that are more hybrids. For us, I work for a casino, it’s always been one employee since we started thats handled everything signage – end to end. I’m the A/V Integrator. I’m the Network / IT guy and I’m also the Graphic Designer. I think as the technology keeps evolving to “do” more the closer the relationship with IT becomes more necessary. If I can dream up a project, I can also see whats involved throughout the whole process in minutes. I can immediately plan for the structural layout, the displays etc. , networking, backend server requirements for data driven signage, in our current environment, much faster than just an outside integrator could. This is a certain advantage of blending Integrator and IT together. I would suggest that an outside integrator coming into an environment for a project should also have many of these same skills to better understand the scope of the project. At the end of the day all the separate components, Integrator or IT or Designers as separate pieces can get the job done. But time is money and every hour or day thats spent planning or arguing details is wasted opportunities to reach your market.
    If this is the question, “Is there a future for the AV integrator in digital signage, or will most if not all digital signage deployments eventually become IT projects?” My Answer is YES, because both Integrators and IT should be the same at this point.

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