ASK THE BOARD: Going Greener

How could the digital signage industry be greener than it already is?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Jonathan Brawn

“That’s a tough question, as one of the core tenets of digital is to replace print, and being green is a side effect of that. We have also done a good job as an industry of removing many toxic chemicals (such as mercury) from products manufactured for our use. “
Principal – Brawn Consulting

Read the Answer by Lyle Bunn

“The one-two punch of quality systems and end of life recycling of components has already become common practice but can always be improved. Displays and media players are most eco-friendly when they operate efficiently.”
Advisor, Analyst, Educator – BUNN

Read the Answer by Robert Killmeier

“While the initial costs of LED displays may cost more than LCD, the total cost of operation over a 10-year life cycle will be less due to several factors. One major cost savings factor is LED displays require significantly less power than LCD displays.”
Founder & President – Computer Controlled Designs, LLC

Read the Answer by Margot Myers

“About five years ago, a federal taskforce issued the National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship (NSES), which was designed to establish “an innovative, flexible, pragmatic, and yet unified framework to evolve electronics stewardship.”
Global Marketing & Communications – The Platt Retail Institute

Read the Answer by Jeff Porter

“The largest opportunity for the digital signage industry to be “more green” is electronics recycling when small temporary LCDs in retail are “trashed. These electronics are small screens embedded (and usually not networked) in a retail display to provide product information and demonstration.”
Founder & CEO – Porter Digital Signage

Read the Answer by Adrian Weidmann

“The display manufacturers have been touting the lower consumption of power and heat generated by the new display technologies. While this is certainly true, perhaps these same manufacturers could move beyond the self-serving marketing pitch and offer recycling programs for older displays and electronics.”
Founder & Principal – StoreStream Metrics, LLC

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