ASK THE BOARD: Hardware over Concepts?

Why do you think we’ve seen an increase in focusing on displays and hardware rather than concepts and communication?
This week’s question is answered by members of the DSE Advisory Board

Read the Answer by Joel Allard

“Generally speaking, my sense is that there are creative professionals and advertising agencies sharing their digital and interactive experiences in different venues than where solution providers and industry experts tend to share.”
Senior Creative Specialist, In-Store Digital – Target

Read the Answer by Floyd Appleman

“Displays and hardware are changing rapidly. New technologies are being introduced every quarter, and with all the new bells and whistles, it is hard to ignore the noise. A new shiny toy to sell item X or to attract more customers…”
Manager, Technology Development, The Wendy’s Company

Read the Answer by Jennifer Arani

“When looking to set up a digital signage network, it is easy to get caught up in all the hardware and screen options because there are so many lovely new gadgets on the market. I think we are all guilty of this from time to time.”
Digital Signage Coordinator – Farmers Insurance Group

Read the Answer by Penny Carter

“There has been an increase in focus on displays and hardware used for digital signage recently. In the past, the primary focus of digital signage leaned toward concepts and communication. In some respects, this trend does not make a lot of sense…”
Digital Signage Lead – Lockheed Martin

Read the Answer by Lawrence Chang

“I can’t say I’ve seen an increase in focus on displays and hardware to be honest. Concepts and communication are still key to getting the message across, but the pizazz and flash of digital signage…”
Director, IT – Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Read the Answer by Jorge de la Parra

“It is hard to answer this one, but I would say it deals with the fact that there are some retailers that are investing partially in digital signage, and there are others who are going “all in.”
Director, Business Consulting Services – Jack In The Box

Read the Answer by Kim Dwyer

“This is a personal frustration of mine. In my organization, I’m not the one making decisions about the hardware or our methods of display. But I am the one that is 100 percent focused on the communication channel and the content we play on the digital signs.”
Corporate Communications Senior Account Manager – Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Read the Answer by Adam Feldman

“I think we have seen more of a focus on displays and hardware quite simply because of the growth of the LCD/LED consumer market. You can now very easily pick up large-format displays at places like Walmart, Target and Costco.”
Executive Director, Audio Visual Systems and Digital Media Distribution – MGM Resorts International

Read the Answer by Paul Fleuranges

“I believe the saying is “All that glitters isn’t gold.”‎ But the fact is that, in our technology-obsessed society, the cooler, faster and shinier the object is, the more attention it gets and the more market share and revenue the manufacturer gains.”
Vice President, Corporate Communications – New York City Transit Authority

Read the Answer by Joshua Goodwin

“As technology improvements move at a breakneck pace, concepts and new communication strategies often take a back seat to the newest way to display your ideas.”
Digital Media Specialist – Eileen Fisher, Inc.

Read the Answer by Amanda Grabowski

“Since we implemented signage on campus about eight years ago, the hardware that was initially recommended has reached its end of life (or close to it). This has opened up some opportunity to explore what is on the market to better accommodate new content strategies…”
Business Systems Analyst – University of Michigan

Read the Answer by Kelly Hackett

“I believe that the displays and hardware are something tangible and easier to hold on to when compared to a big, intimidating digital idea. But this shift is not necessarily positive.”
Director, Digital Innovation – AT&T Mobility

Read the Answer by Jerry Harris

“One factor is cost of entry. Everyone can play in this game now that the price of the hardware has come down compared to what it used to be. During the early adoption of digital signage, the big box stores were the pioneers that introduced us to the “in-store” digital signage promotions.”
Senior Director, Exhibits Graphics & AV Services – Georgia Aquarium

Read the Answer by Chuck Lampe

“The obvious answer is that displays are sexier than concepts and communication. While hardware gets glamorous photos and glitzy headlines, the content (concepts and communication) is described as “feeding the beast.”
Digital Signage Manager, Creative Services – Wells Fargo

Read the Answer by Frank McGuinness

“If this is the case, and I’m not saying it is for all vendors, there are probably a few reasons for it. There always seem to be cyclical periods in a lot of industries where vendors seem to concentrate on…”
Integration Consultant – Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Read the Answer by Patricia Mitrano

“Displays are almost limitless in size, shape and the opportunity to deliver an amazing “Wow” to the viewer. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s for buildings, columns or staircases. Almost anything can be a display.”
Director of Visual Communications – Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Read the Answer by Daniel Orme-Doutre

“We have always lived in a technology-feature sales market. Unfortunately, data and stats speak more than usage and concepts. While I haven’t seen any data on an ‘increase focus’ on hardware…”
Senior Content Publishing Manager – Microsoft

Read the Answer by Wayne Rorex

“I feel that the focus on displays and hardware, rather than concepts and communication is because it is easier to sell the “wow” factor to the administration.”
Management Analyst – City of Los Angeles

Read the Answer by David Saleme

“I think we see an increase in the focus on displays and hardware because they are tangible in nature, whereas concepts and communications are intangible. During the multiple stages of a project,…”
Manager, Business Development – Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Read the Answer by Ralph Schorbach

“The real challenge in digital signage is planning for today and tomorrow; how to plan for and on using a system that will communicate the correct message, focused on its targeted audience and foreseeing changes that it will grow into.”
IT Manager – Fairplex

Read the Answer by Jessica Stevens

“I think that display function and cost have become increasingly important as end-users plan digital signage in any environment. Assuring that you have hardware that is future proof, along with investment costs that make sense based on the need.”
Senior IT Deployment & DS Capability Manager – Best Buy

Read the Answer by Dave Taylor

“I see the increased focus on display technology coming from the design end when we are working on our stores and trying to find the right fit. There are lots of good options…”
Digital Signage Engineer – American Eagle Outfitters

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