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What is the best way to engage customers/viewers in a busy environment?”

The context of the environment and the consumer’s behavior should be the key influencer of content.  For example, if a viewer is actively grocery shopping, then in-store sales and short recipes would be useful whereas once they have completed shopping and are waiting at the check-out, entertainment and news or local information may offset perceived wait time.    

For busy environments, where consumers are moving about and not tethered to a screen, snack-able, easy-to-read, content is imperative. It is often suggested to use a mix of video and static text so a moving viewer may easily comprehend what he or she is watching.  While many digital signs and signage networks offer sound, they can become inaudible if the ambient noise rises, thus video and text will also work well together in this instance. 

We have seen digital signage networks source from one to more than 100 content providers, and while there are no hard rules in terms of which is better, the average viewer has become very accustomed to switching in and out of content quickly. And they want their information fast, up-to-date and relevant. While mobile integration can serve as a great opportunity to engage a viewer, the call to action for the engagement must be easy, clear and ever-present during the content segment promoting it in order to give the viewer the opportunity to engage with their device.


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