Ask the Board – January 15, 2018 | RICK ROBINSON


What is the best way to engage customers/viewers in a busy environment?”

Embracing a fierce commitment to serving up only one idea with ruthless focus and clarity is the best way to engage consumers in a busy environment.  Someone once said, “A poster should be to the eye what a shout is to the ear!”  This axiom holds true for static as well as digital OOH. To create a relevant “Shout!,” it’s critical that we consider the public’s POV first and make the messaging all about them.  We must always remember that they are not navigating the space outside of their homes with us in mind.  They do not start their day with a checklist that says “consume DOOH.”  If we want their attention, if we want to “engage” them, it’s got to always start with them.  This happens when we deliver unexpected utility – some form of time, fun or money – and quickly.  And this is not about trendy visual tactics, lots of movement or coupons with big offers.  This goes back to the idea, cooking it just right and making sure it’s crafted to make the most of its specific viewing environment.  If we nail it, they will pay attention and engage. If we don’t, they will simply move on with their day…

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