Ask the Board – January 15, 2018 | STEVE DAWSON


What is the best way to engage customers/viewers in a busy environment?”

When we are looking to cut through the noise of a busy environment, we focus on not overwhelming the customer and delivering the unexpected.

From a content strategy perspective, we are sensitive to overwhelming the customer with messaging. At a distance 10 to 50 feet, we tend to focus on interesting and engaging creative and ambient content to set the mood for an environment and drive traffic. For closer distances, we drive attraction to interactive experiences and some light brand and sales-related messaging. And at a two feet away, when customers are actively engaged in an experience, we’ll begin surfacing brand and sales-related messaging to drive a deeper conversation.

In regard to delivering unexpected moments, we often use proximity sensors to detect the presence of a customer and drive visuals and messaging to grab their attention. This is especially true when we are trying to attract a customer to an interactive experience and entice them to actively engage. Acknowledgement of their presence is often a delightful first step in driving engagement, while being useful from an analytics perspective for measuring attraction effectiveness.

Utilizing a clearly defined content strategy at different levels of engagement, while enabling surprise as well as delightful moments that are unexpected both serve to cut through the noise of a busy environment.


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