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What are some ways to localize content on a large-scale digital signage network?”

There are a couple of “simple” methods for developing a localized content strategy that will help keep the audience engaged and the focus of the program relevant to the intended audience. Keep in mind these tactics take a bit of time to develop and are largely reliant on accessing local data, but given the correct workflow is put into place, you can easily automate the updates.

  1. User Generated: This is not a new term for the industry, but the truth is your audience has an opinion, so why not let them be heard! Public tweets, Instagram feeds and even polling the audience results in fresh content that can be used within specific locations of the network.
  2. POS Data: What’s trending, what’s not selling, what’s in the back room… any way you look at it, it’s data that is relevant! POS Data can be used to trigger content based on real time results in a specific space.
  3. GEO Targeting: We view content on our mobile device in the same manner, so why not apply that logic to the display? Knowing where the audience is is key, and delivering information to them that relates to their environment is crucial. Through most CMS systems, you have the ability to create a repository of content, all of which can be tagged (META) based on conditions, local, etc.. Being able to format your library in that manner will help you create rules as to how content is distributed amongst the network.

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