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What are some ways to localize content on a large-scale digital signage network?”

A successful digital signage system in a corporate environment will stem from a healthy balance between enterprise messaging and local flare.  Ensuring that mixed in with your company’s leadership messages and business strategy, you are also displaying items that are relevant and reflective of your various audiences.  How can you accomplish this on a large scale with a small team?  Here are some pointers:

1 – Understand your various audiences:  Are your employees in call centers?  Dynamic Work spaces?  Manufacturing lines?  What are their average dwell times near your screens – 5 second walk bys or 8 hours sitting at their desks right under the screens?  The longer your audience is in front of your screens, the more you have to include content that is relevant and engaging.

2 – Actively build and maintain relationships with people in your areas:  Make them an active partner/contributor of your digital signage team.    Enlist them in building content for the screens in their area.  If you supply the templates, they supply the manpower, and together you can create content that reflects the local culture and events while maintaining the style or voice standards of your company.

3 – Follow thru!  Meet with your contributors on a regular basis to ensure the template library is up to date and has all the tools your contributors need to build their local content.  These regular meetings help you to review and prepare these tools for upcoming important events.  Regular strategy meetings with local employee engagement committees will help you to ensure your Rewards and Recognition templates are still up to date and remain current with the KPIs of your audience.

4 – Find thought partners:  The most important thing to remember about expanding your network is to find people who are willing to actively ask themselves, “should this be on the TVs?” or “How can I support the business or this new strategy on the TVs.”  Once you have found this person, don’t let them go!  Keep them engaged and equipped with the tools they need to help you maintain healthy business essential content levels on your enterprise wide digital signage system.  

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