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What are some ways to localize content on a large-scale digital signage network?”

One great way to handle localization is via HTML5 and data-driven content. HTML5 allows for animated templates that reference data feeds in real-time. For example, a daily special template for a quick service restaurant might allow for local managers to change content as part of a larger playlist that is controlled from corporate. This provides local control of information that needs to change locally without impacting anything on a national scale. Another way of handling this involves automation. When the playlist requests an HTML5 template, it passes a location or player ID to a master data feed. This feed then returns a local value unique to that player or location. For example, in financial services, lending rates typically change from location to location. Instead of creating a graphic or video for each location, the player simply requests a unique local data value and displays just that data within an HTML5 template. Only one HTML5 template needs to be created for the entire network instead of creating a custom graphic for each location.

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