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What are some ways to localize content on a large-scale digital signage network?”

3 Tips to create localized content for a large-scale network

Creating localized content for a large-scale digital signage network can sometimes be challenging. Finding a good balance between budget and volume of content produced is usually one of the biggest obstacles. Here are Three tips on finding production efficiencies that can help alleviate this challenge.

  1. Creating localized content templates

A very effective practice is creating master templates that contain elements that can be re-purposed across many parts of the network, that also have some variable elements that can be easily personalized for local messaging. An example of this could include an intro branded animation that plays at the beginning of the spot and/or an common extro animation that plays at the end of the spot. The middle portion of the content spot could contain some variable type elements with information or data that can be personalized at a local level. This is a great way to produce many local content spots without the need to build each from scratch.

  1. Utilizing proper digital signage software

Leveraging text layers that can be updated via a CMS portal can even allow local administrators to update some of the content themselves. This will rely on having proper digital signage software that allows for multiple users, user level privileges and most importantly the ability to layer updateable content. This is the best way to deliver local content if possible.

  1. Leveraging dynamic RSS feeds

Another great way to deliver regional and local content is pulling in dynamic feeds that populate data in the content. Subscribing to an RSS feed source and incorporating that into your digital signage content is a great way to update content specific to local areas that it will reside. Many localized RSS feeds are available and many are very cost effective.

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