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What are some ways to localize content on a large-scale digital signage network?”

The convergence of data and technology makes it possible for digital signage networks to complement a customer’s daily journey in truly meaningful ways.  Whether delivering real-time updates on train arrivals or the latest scores of favorite sports teams, neighborhood specific content drives a deeper connection with viewers everywhere. Contextually relevant hyper-local content can be delivered via editorial content e.g. local news or via dynamic advertising messages e.g. local apartment listings updated throughout the day.

For example, Intersection worked with Coors Light and Shazam to deliver localized playlists to the streets of New York City via LinkNYC, showing what each neighborhood was listening to in real-time: Coors Light Is Offering Neighborhood-Specific Mobile Music to New Yorkers

No matter where the digital display is located, advanced technology features of most digital signage networks now allow marketers and operators to take advantage of location-based data, context-aware capabilities and API to keep content fresh and relevant across the entire network.

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