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If you could put out an industry SOS, how would you fill in the blanks: CONTENT CREATORS OF THE WORLD, PLEASE STOP WITH THE _______. THE INDUSTRY REALLY NEEDS MORE ________. Why?”

This one’s a bit of a strange question for us, since we’re the content creators for our organization, so I will try to answer it when thinking about content that I’ve come across. From my own personal perspective, I find some content, especially when it comes to advertising content, looks nothing like the product that’s being pushed. Instead, it is a feeling or association with an event.  When thinking about those, the biggest issue I’ve had is a “disconnect” between the product and that feeling.  As an example, Coca-Cola’s marketing theme is currently ‘Taste the Feeling.’  For some, that might work. For me, my brain doesn’t seem to process tasting a feeling.  There’s a frame of reference that doesn’t seem to fit, and it feels forced. The challenge, which is an issue for any content creator, is to keep their content fresh, yet relevant. It’s the relevancy that seems to suffer. So, from my own perspective, the industry could use more relevant content.

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