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If you could put out an industry SOS, how would you fill in the blanks: CONTENT CREATORS OF THE WORLD, PLEASE STOP WITH THE _______. THE INDUSTRY REALLY NEEDS MORE ________. Why?”

Content creators of the world, please stop with the generic broadcast spots. The industry really needs more relevant, actionable and interactive content.

We have all heard it a million times in a million different ways: “Content is King,” “Content drives everything.” So why are people still showing generic broadcast spots on their digital signage systems? Not all content is created equal. The most effective content is relevant, actionable and/or interactive.

Anyone can show news feeds, weather, stock tickers, traffic and live TV. This approach won’t attract new customers and engage highly targeted audiences. You need to create or curate relevant content. For example, if your endpoint is located in New York City, where people take the subway or bus, show when the next subway or bus is arriving instead of local driving traffic. Weather will always be relevant, so make your content stands apart from the rest. Remind customers to grab an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain, or to stay hydrated if it’s hot.

Creating actionable and interactive content keeps your customer’s attention span longer. This type of content will first grab their attention, and then lead them directly to the action they can take after reading.  Figure out the questions they want answered, or issues they need addressed. Then present a solution or answer that provides them with value. Once you have their attention and trust, they will better respond to your message. 

Share your expertise. Give your customers something to think about and talk about after they walk away. They will become your biggest advocates. Make your digital signage a memorable experience, not another reminder that it is indeed sunny outside.

We are in a golden age of television. Let’s start a golden age of digital signage.

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