Ask the Board – January 2, 2018 | MEGAN CARDAMAN


If you could put out an industry SOS, how would you fill in the blanks: CONTENT CREATORS OF THE WORLD, PLEASE STOP WITH THE _______. THE INDUSTRY REALLY NEEDS MORE ________. Why?”

Content creators of the world, please stop with the haphazard, inconsistent messaging. The industry really needs a more purposeful use of strategy around digital signage content.

The more this channel is extensively used for purposeful, meaningful communication (whether that’s critical, timely, urgent or just educational and informative messages), the more consumers will be taught to look for and seek information in that location. All too often, a digital signage installation is used randomly or becomes a place for filler content, so consumers begin to tune it out and don’t seek out information on that channel. Tying a communications strategy to an editorial calendar is the best way to consistently shape the message, and it will effectively create guiding principles for the digital signage system.

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