Ask the Board – January 2, 2018 | STEVE “CHEWIE” STAVAR


If you could put out an industry SOS, how would you fill in the blanks: CONTENT CREATORS OF THE WORLD, PLEASE STOP WITH THE _______. THE INDUSTRY REALLY NEEDS MORE ________. Why?”

If I could tell the content creators of the world one thing, it would be to please stop designing for other mediums and design for the medium on which your content will be displayed. The industry really needs better communication between concept designers, hardware integrators and content creators.

Many of the content creators I have met designing for digital signage are trained as print designers and are designing as such. There are so many different display solutions with their own sets of limitations that the designers need to be aware of and understand to be able to create the most effective messaging. When the limitations of the hardware are not communicated with the designers, the final product may not be as impressive as it could have been and ultimately reduce return on investment.

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