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Is content still king for DOOH? Why or why not?”

Unequivocally, yes.  You can put up the flattest flat screen, with the most crystal clear image, on the largest screen, in the perfect location, but if the content is not engaging, your deployment will not serve its purpose. It is the content that drives viewer engagement. We obviously live in a world where screens are everywhere. Between phones, tablets, computers and any other personal electronic device, a screen with content is hardly ever out of arm’s reach. With the myriad of options available to people, viewers have more options as to what they will give their attention to. The determining factor of viewer engagement is content.

With multiple content options available to viewers at any one time, it is imperative that content remain as engaging as possible. Live, dynamic content is the most attention-grabbing type of media. With so much content available on demand on so many different types of screens, live content that actively engages the viewer is proven time and time again to hold people’s attention better than anything else. Viewers will defer to content that is in the here-and-now over something they can watch on-demand at a later point in time.






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