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Is content still king for DOOH? Why or why not?”

Content is king for DOOH and will be for some time. The major advantages for delivering great content include:

  • Better viewership and engagement – networks can prove audience engagement to advertisers by sharing insights on the most-watched topics, content recall and the quality of content providers.
  • Brand alignment possibilities for advertisers – networks should have a plethora of case studies touting an increase in brand favorability and awareness due to content alignment.
  • Longer time spent with your media – quality content encourages viewer interaction and increases view time, allowing for more ads and, thus, revenue. Dwell time and loop length play a big factor in providing industry-standardized impressions measurement, which should be shared with prospective advertisers.
  • Good content can lead to interaction and data collection – if viewers are engaging with your network online or off, present advertisers with those figures. Be proud of any engagement that you’re able to influence, no matter how small.

If content is king, data must be the queen. Audience data, response data, ROI, attribution and proof of delivery are all on the way to dethroning the king. Until then, networks that continually seek better local, native, custom and interactive data are bound to drive more ad dollars.

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