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What are some good examples of digital signage audio, and what makes them appropriate? ”

Whether it’s movement, colors, or even audio, we consider each to be tools in our belt to communicate with the audience. For our signage network, the environment consists of waiting room and exam rooms in physician office, clinics, and hospitals. This enclosed and quiet environment allows us to actively use audio widely across our network without worrying about the typical repercussions associated with other digital signage networks and environments.

The main ways we use audio are through video footage, background music, hosts and voice-over narration, sound effects, and logo ident chimes. On our touch-based interactive screens, audio can be an important secondary confirmation that the user has activated a button or taken a specific action. We find the content we build and the sponsor messages we display all need auditory reinforcement to properly tell their story.

Not every signage environment can accept constant audio, and here are some details to consider:

  • What is the dwell time of the audience? Our audience has a longer wait time of 30 minutes or more, allowing us to engage and entertain them with full videos of up to five minutes in length, along with the accompanying audio.
  • Do you have the opportunity to set the tone or ambiance with music/sound? Much of our content contains background music that is specifically built to be consistent with the physician office atmosphere.
  • Can audio enhance or reinforce your messaging? In some cases, we find having a text graphic on the screen that is read aloud by a voiceover to be the most effective method of reinforcing important messages.

Are there any competing sounds, noise or audio sources? If the environment has many competing noises, or is a loud location in general, it might not be the most appropriate tool for communication.

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