Ask the Board – January 29, 2018 | BRYAN MESZAROS


How do you avoid your content becoming “white noise?”

We all fall victim to having a piece of content we produced being considered “white noise.” It’s a constant challenge of trying to create something that captures the interest of the audience. What’s the secret you ask? Two words…creativity and planning! You have to be creative in coming up with a design (or narrative) that dares the audience to engage with you! It’s not just digital signage anymore, it’s social, it’s static and it’s mobile! Your content is competing with all of that, so what makes it different? 

It also comes down to planning. When are you delivering the content to the audience? In other words, are you placing it in front of your audience at a point where they can respond to it or be in a position where they can act? We create that “white noise” by showing up when we have no relevance to the moment. Why spend the time creating something when your audience will see it at a point that has no relevance to them?

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