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How do you avoid your content becoming “white noise?”

As digital signage grows in North America, screens will be everywhere. My company’s focus is more on screens displaying informational content over ad networks. Screens like directories, interactive way-finders and menus have a tendency to get viewed. The content on a menu is relevant to the person in the restaurant, and a lobby directory won’t ever become “noise” for someone trying to find a specific office. That’s good news for informational signage. As long as the content is well designed and not overwhelming with zones and messaging, it’s easy to stay relevant.

For ad networks and DOOH, noise is a problem. Online advertising is highly targeted in order to get viewers to click, but very fortunately, we’re not in a Minority Report world yet. I’m referencing the scene where Tom Cruise is out for a jog and digital messaging is specifically trying to appeal to him. Unless we want that creepy world, out-of-home advertising will continue to need great creative to cut through the noise of bad creative. The best outdoor agencies in the world are great at creating impactful and relevant campaigns that reach through to viewers, even without the ability to target them individually.


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