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What do you find is the most effective and accurate way of measuring dwell time?”

There are several ways of measuring dwell time that can provide information, many involving technologies. The first is the use of IP cameras. They are already in use for security surveillance. Through the tracking of movement in a store, heat maps can be created showing not only dwell time in a specific location but the actual movement through the store. This information can then be used in the strategic placement of merchandise to engage the consumer. Beacon technology is another option, utilizing the customer’s phone information can be pushed back to the retailer. Of course, the end use of the information is the most critical as it is with any data. What lessons will be learned and how will the information be put to test in the store? Then, there is the old fashion method way of creative merchandising: Put enough visual points of interest in your store to engage the consumer at multiple points in their journey. This method also allows for good opportunities for sales associates to engage with the shopper. Once this occurs, dwell time can be increased dramatically!

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