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What do you find is the most effective and accurate way of measuring dwell time?”

Dwell time can have a couple of different meanings. In retail, the broad meaning is that it’s how long a customer stays in the store. In digital signage, it refers to how long a customer remains in front of a display to watch the content.

For measurement of customer dwell time in a store, video monitoring is accurate and effective. It can be expensive if done by a contractor that uses staff members to review the video files and determine the dwell time. Improved technologies make it simpler to place small cameras in a retail store, and software can provide dwell-time analytics. Alternatively, some retailers have been testing the use of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to monitor customer’s cellphones and determine dwell time.

Measuring dwell time in front of a digital sign is best done through the use of cameras embedded in the displays. Privacy concerns usually require that video analytics are anonymous and no personally identifiable information is recorded.

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