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How does a layperson know if digital signage can work in their environment?”

If a business or organization has no benefit from one of the following:

  • Increasing sales
  • Influencing people
  • Providing wayfinding
  • Enhancing employee communication
  • Emergency notification
  • Timely announcements
  • HR support
  • Any of the other 100-plus additional measurable benefits from digital signage…

…then without hesitation, I’d tell you that you have no reason to invest in digital signage. However, it can conclusively be said that if you and your organization have no long-term commitment to support your digital signage investment with all of the essential elements known to make digital signage successful, your digital signage investment will have little or no ROI or ROO. It is self-evident, based on the thousands of successful digital signage systems that have been deployed, that digital signage can be a very powerful tool to increase business value if a business or person focuses on all the key elements of the digital signage ecosystem. 

Today, it is no longer a mystery or guesswork to answer the question, can digital signage work for us? It is most certainly a question of commitment by that person or organization to do what is needed to make his or her digital signage work for them. The biggest challenge that I see are that failures still outnumber the successful deployments because people embrace digital signage as if it were the same as any other IT or AV project or box purchase. Simply stated, those who look to buy digital signage as a one-time purchase or investment like they would a network switch, flat panel or projector will almost certainly be disappointed with their outcome. Digital signage is actually the most demanding of any AV or IT project. One must recognize that successful digital signage is a marathon and not a sprint. It must include consideration and investment not only for hardware, software and IT connectivity, but must also include a professional commitment to maintaining fresh and relevant content prepared according to needs for that business or organization.

So how can a layperson know if digital signage can work in their environment?  The answer is clearly revealed in their willingness to embrace digital signage for what it is—“a living and breathing system that requires true business planning, commitment to the right hardware, reliable delivery network, a content management software that works for that organization, rich and timely content and someone on the team with skin in the game to make sure that commitment is supported long-term.”


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