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Does the typical viewer – on the streets, in a retail venue, mall or airport – truly want hyper-curated contextual one-to-one “Minority Report” messaging? Or do they just prefer a surprising, powerful and clear messaging?”

The trend in communication of all sorts leans towards personalized one-to-one communication. One size fits all does not work unless it is truly amazing creative content that captures the attention of the viewers. For example, look at Times Square. It has two things going for it: scale and creative content. The digital in Time Square is so big you can’t miss it, good content or not, though I have seen some pretty cool content in Time Square. 

But if you don’t have the scale on your side, there are a couple of other courses of action: great content or personalized content. The technology exists today to personalize content as you walk near a digital screen, displaying a message that is something of interest to you. Think of how our experiences will change. Many of us will probably have interest in watching customized messages that are intended for others just to see how they differ from ours. Technology exists that can read our facial expressions.

For example, if we are in a bad mood, our personalized message could be one of happiness or joy. Digital boards could have a positive mental effect on how we feel or even change our mood throughout the course of a day. What if digital walls were installed in work environments? There could be beautiful scenery, cool graphic images or the opportunity for employees to download amazing images of trips or special occasions in their lives, much like the “shot on an iPhone billboard campaign.”  Personalizing a message through digital methods is only in its infancy, but I anxiously await the many new methods of deployment that are on the horizon.

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