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Does the typical viewer – on the streets, in a retail venue, mall or airport – truly want hyper-curated contextual one-to-one “Minority Report” messaging? Or do they just prefer a surprising, powerful and clear messaging?”

You don’t need content like Minority Report” to be effective, but the content DOES NEED TO BE RELEVANT. Know the demographics of your viewer and what they are doing at that time.  Design content that will be HELPFUL, and then they will engage with you.  Otherwise, viewers will TUNE OUT in a matter seconds…”Oh, this is not for me.”

Take a grocery store for instance.  Perhaps they have a screen at the deli counter high dwell time, which is good). But if you’re advertising laundry detergent, that’s irrelevant to why the person is standing there (this really happened BTW).

Take another real-life example.  Digital screens were advertising toilet paper while waiting for your order at a famous quick-service restaurant.  That’s silly. You can’t buy that brand of toilet paper there. And I hope the message is NOT that you’re going to need this product after finishing your burger (and yes, this really happened too!).

The proper message at the deli counter would be to TRY a new product (rather than the same old thing you always get). The proper message at the QSR would be to try a new menu item, or maybe there is a new co-branding with the NFL, a peel-off-the-cup sweepstakes or a cup promoting a new movie.  The message needs to be something (anything) on which you can take action while THERE. Minimally, screens at a QSR should go for an upsell, but definitely not toilet paper. 


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