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Does the typical viewer – on the streets, in a retail venue, mall or airport – truly want hyper-curated contextual one-to-one “Minority Report” messaging? Or do they just prefer a surprising, powerful and clear messaging?”

I will relate this to myself. Personally, I think the hyper-targeted and relevant content is indeed my preference. I want to see content and advertising relating to what I specifically want to buy. When I see a fun and surprising ad that sticks with me because it was powerful, yet it was obviously mass marketing, I remember it, but it won’t influence my buying in any meaningful way. I’ve seen some great ads from AB-Inbev for Budwieser … and they stick with me … but they won’t make me buy the product, I still drink craft. However, if the signage operator can hit me with something more topical at the right time … well, I get pretty thirsty. This is a small example, but an important one. I don’t feel that content has to be way overwrought, targeted to a specific person … but it does NEED to be targeted to my demographics so I see things that will actually influence me. I refuse to think I am unique in this.

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