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What should be kept in mind when implementing a social media component for your digital signage network?”

When implementing a social media component for your digital signage network, it is important to focus on keeping viewers engaged. While effective digital signage creates a connection through its message, it is a social media component that can create the engagement. It is important, however, to ensure that your intended message is displayed and your brand is protected. This can be done easily by limiting posts that display to ones made by your organization.

Careful review and approval of non-organizational posts or comments can be time consuming, but must be done if the scope of what is displayed is expanded. In no situation should public comments be posted without close review and approval. This is similar to how your organization would review and approve any content. Additionally, your organization’s social media posts should be engaging in their own right. A picture-based campaign with concise text will draw someone in, both online and on a digital signage network. Text only, “re-tweets,” or links that can’t be acted on just are not as interesting as large, visually engaging pictures of your organization and its people in action (stay away from stock images). Including a social media component into a digital signage network can help increase engagement, but the effort must be done carefully.

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