Ask the Board – January 9, 2017 | RICK ROBINSON


What should be kept in mind when implementing a social media component for your digital signage network?”

It’s going to take more than a hashtag. We know that much. What we also know is the power of place. In other words, digital signage networks source their relative contextual media value from their collective geography. The “where” of it all…we also know social media is essentially mobile. This leads to the notion of geo-fencing a network’s footprint, or engaging beacons, which have yet to deliver materially for OOH.  Ultimately, this all goes back to content—the story and the experience. Social media conversations are essentially driven by off-line experiences; face-to-face high-touch immersions or the powerful intimacy of an intriguing, relevant digital OOH impression. The question should read more specifically “How do you inspire social media conversations via digital OOH content?”


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