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What should be kept in mind when implementing a social media component for your digital signage network?”

Social is an important part of most signage strategies. It is an easy way to be relevant and to engage the guest both during and after the experience. As always, understanding your audience is paramount in addition to their engagement with branded content across the variety of social platforms.

Below are a few important categories to keep top of mind when implementing social into
your signage strategy:


Social content can be highly engaging and should bring value to the experience. If participation is expected, it should also be rewarded and align with existing User Generated Content (UGC).


Social is not a one-way conversation. If your guest is creating content and sharing within their networks, your ability to respond makes the experience more genuine.


Make sure your being honest to the channels and content you are supporting. If photography is central to the experience, leveraging Instagram may be a better choice than Twitter.


Analytics often take a back seat to strategy and creative, but often deliver incredible insights across the customer experience that may guarantee success.


“@#$! Happens.” Moderation should be a mandatory practice with all social content.

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