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If you had to make a checklist for a smooth and successful digital signage installation, what items would be included?”

There are countless factors that go into designing a digital signage network. Many of the large details go without saying and are very common to consider, but there are often smaller details that go unknown, and they always have a tremendous impact on success. A good checklist will continue to grow as you take the learnings from past projects and apply them to the next. Below is a small sample of the details that we define in order to guarantee we design and install a successful digital signage network for our clients:

1. Networking
a. What are the connectivity capabilities in the space (DLS/Cellular/Fiber)
i. Is there strong cellular signal strength?
b. Does the signage system need to be on an isolated network, or will it be placed on the client’s network?
i. Are there bandwidth restrictions on the client’s network to consider?
c. Will the signage players be hardwired or use Wi-Fi?
i. How good is the Wi-Fi-signal strength?
2. The technology / equipment
a. Does the equipment need to run 24/7?
b. Does the client need remote screen control?
c. Where will the displays be located (indoor / outdoor / high traffic areas)?
d. Does the customer have budget to purchase spare equipment to expedite service in the event of hardware failure?
e. Where will the players and equipment rack be located?
i. What wires need to run to the displays?
3. Content Management System
a. What is the content strategy for the signage?
b. Who will be managing the content?
c. Will there be dynamic content?
d. How much content will be deployed to the players, and how often?
4. Reporting / Analytics / Monitoring
a. What analytics are expected once the system becomes active?
i. Content
ii. Interactive touch points
iii. Equipment
iv. What level of detail is required for equipment and content monitoring?
5. The installation crew
a. Do they need security clearance before they can work in the space?
b. What time are they allowed to work in the space?
c. How many crew members are needed?
d. Is machinery required to reach screen fixtures?
6. Define metrics for success
a. How does the client view success for the project?

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