Ask the Board – July 11, 2016 | BRYAN MESZAROS


How can we expect to see triggered content utilized in the future?

We enjoy creating experiences that create the opportunity for the audience to trigger content! This could be from a physical action such as picking up an object or walking past a motion sensor to evoking visual changes on the display due to the audience’s action or the facial mood. The fact remains that triggered content helps to put the audience in control, and occasionally right in the middle of the experience. For some time, we have tried to move beyond encouraging people to “touch a screen” in order for something to happen. We have entered into a new chapter of engagement, one that allows us to create unique tactile experiences for the user. We recently worked on a project for HUGO Boss that encourages the customer to explore the material of a suit. As they touch certain areas on the mannequin, triggered content launches on the nearby display. As the industry progresses and more sensory technologies become available, I think triggered content will play a significant role in redefining physical engagement.

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