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How can we expect to see triggered content utilized in the future?

In order to create more meaningful connections with consumers, providing new and inventive ways that allow people to trigger and control content is vital. Technology is advancing at an accelerated rate, and we find ourselves at the beginning of an “immersion era.”

Immersive experiences are evolving the way that content can be triggered and the ways in which consumers interact with that content. Cost-effective and diverse technologies to facilitate the widespread adoption of augmented and virtual realities are emerging as the new reality of retail. Gaming is leading in taking people into A/V reality, and this in turn will take retail applications forward as well.

In a recent article by Industry Educator Lyle Bunn, some insights where shared on the speed at which customer experiences are evolving. In this dialogue, Bunn emphasized the importance of creating emotional connections. To be more meaningful, capturing data and analyzing it to generate insights toward actions that impact emotion, opinion and outcomes is key.

Digital experiences will drive significantly improved CX through a wide range of triggered content methods like voice activation, natural language interfaces and cognitive computing to enable new concepts of operations. The ability to search, gain information, conduct commerce, trigger real time chat or transfer to a representative are well developed for online use, and these will move quickly to mobile engagement, further allowing brands to operate according to a customer’s preference.

However, it is critical that retailers understand that it’s about the experience and not the technology, which will continue to evolve even as the lines between how consumers trigger and interact with content are blurring.

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