Ask the Board – July 11, 2016 | MATTHEW DOWNEY


How can we expect to see triggered content utilized in the future?

I hate to admit this, but about 12 years ago, my boss at PRN, Joe Murphy, held up his Motorola flip phone and emphatically said, “In the future, “this is going to be your TV, your iPod, your camera and your computer.”  I dismissed the comment as interesting but hardly believable, as I just couldn’t imagine holding up my huge click-wheel iPod to my ear and talking into this ridiculous device.  And surely, a phone wouldn’t replace my Nikon camera, my laptop AND my DVD player.  I stand corrected.  Mobile devices have changed the world and will continue to hold the position as perhaps the most important electronic device in our lives.  In many cases, mobile has already created triggered content in the form of content/information/entertainment on demand and in our pocket.  The key for digital signage relevance in the future is to find the intersection between requested/on-demand content that is so readily available to nearly everyone and the pushed content that digital signage operators publish to provide similar but different content/information/entertainment to their viewers.  The key will be to make this intersection one that provides value and relevance to the viewer.  We need to make digital signage more like a visit to Costco, providing the viewers something they didn’t know existed, but suddenly can’t live without.  

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