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How can we expect to see triggered content utilized in the future?

I like to think of triggered content in categories as broad as Isaac Newton’s laws of motion with a twist. Only the forces don’t necessarily have physical weight and the object being affected is content. It’s a digital form of cause and effect. The forces being used today are things like: gender, age, buttons, motion, requested URLs, specific conditions for weather, traffic, sports scores, news keywords, etc. 

But it doesn’t have to stop there. The force in motion can literally be anything that may impact the organizational objectives of the digital sign. And therefore, a network manager can leverage the force to create content specifically catered to influence the desired effect of the audience. 

My recommendation? Don’t read an article like this one and simply copy what other people are doing. Well, you can, but consider that other businesses using triggered content don’t have your same business model. The most important thing for you to do is figure out which key metrics hit the first domino in the list of numbers your organization cares about (loss-leader purchases/foot traffic/time of day/email signups/loyalty signup/clicks/impressions/new trial … whatever). From there, network managers can consider how to collect that data in a moment’s notice and then trigger an extremely tailored piece of content. 

Unfortunately, I expect to see a lot more of what I have already seen with regards to triggered content. What I would love to see, however, and challenge the industry to do, is find new ways to capture the metrics/data that matter for their specific business model and leverage it.

One way to start down that path is to look at web-based companies like and They’re taking forces performed in one app and creating preconfigured effects in other apps. These are great examples of triggered content, and the potential is endless. 

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