Ask the Board – July 17, 2017 | RICK ROBINSON


How does subliminal or suggestive messaging figure in digital signage advertising versus print or broadcast?”

First, I didn’t know we actually used “subliminal messaging” in advertising!!!  I thought it was all a conspiracy theory conjured up by fringe websites 🙂 But, if actually we do, it breeds a conflict between the characteristics of what is typically subliminal and suggestive with the fundamental need for digital signage to aggressively capture your attention in what is usually a very noisy public environment. Print and broadcast vehicles generally offer a focused one-to-one exchange, allowing for whatever is understated to potentially emerge and hopefully sink in. Digital signage is tasked with grabbing you and getting the work done quickly, even if it happens in a stand-by or walk-by dwell-time viewing environment. Successfully deploying subtle communication tools in digital signage platforms will require walking a very thin tightrope between striking a singular focus and doing so without an overt emphasis. Ultimately, my recommendation is to not fuss too much and simply get down to business. The public is mostly not interested in standing by while your subliminal message works its magic, unless of course, ambiguity is your goal…




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