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What is the best example of dayparting that you’ve seen implemented and why?

Many customers at Captivate choose to target our audience during specific dayparts. Many B2B advertisers choose the morning, many alcohol advertisers turn to the afternoon daypart right before happy hour and many snack and beverage companies target the lunch and snacking hours. The company that best utilized Captivate’s dayparts was a smoking cessation provider. They were able to utilize Captivate’s proprietary Office Pulse workplace data to survey workers about the times of day where the urge to smoke was greatest and scheduled their campaign accordingly. In addition, the client tailored their creative to address those circumstances and the resulting cravings. The creative played on the need for a smoke after a stressful meeting, which were more prominent in the afternoons (mid-week) and immediately after coffee breaks, which were typically early in the workday. The campaign results showed that the targeting of dayparts increased the effectiveness by more than 30 percent compared to similar campaigns without dayparting.

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