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With so many flat-panel display options now on the market, what is the best approach to making the best choice for a project?

Durability. Will the display be used inside or outside? Will it be on continuously or just now and then? How will the media source be connected? Should you consider a media player built into the bezel, or a stand-alone player or computer? Will you want audio built into the screen? Or connected to speakers?

Accessibility. Will you need to access controls frequently? If the screen is purpose-built into a wall display, do you have accessibility from the rear? Will you need a fan or some other cooling device?

Size of image. What kind of messages will you be showing? If fashion, will a thin, vertical screen be most suited? If landscapes and storytelling, would a horizontal screen be best? Do you have lots of old media? You may need a 3:4 screen. If it’s new material, then 16:9 is probably best. How close will your viewer be? The further away, the bigger the screen should be.

Interactivity. Will your viewer interact with the screen to make choices? Should it be a touch screen? Will more than one person interact at once? Do you need multiple touch capabilities?

Budget. And often most crucial, how much do you have to spend? This may be the first factor you have to consider!


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