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With so many flat-panel display options now on the market, what is the best approach to making the best choice for a project?

Our best approach is pretty traditional.  We first identify everyone who needs to be involved.  Sometimes it’s one or two people, and other times, each consideration is vetted by a whole team of folks. To identify who should be involved, we ask questions like: Who is paying for the monitors?; Who is installing the monitors?; Who is going to manage, maintain and replace the monitors?; And who is moderating the content?

Once that group is identified, we get into the weeds with other considerations like: What is the content?; What are the aesthetic considerations?; Where will the viewers be?; What is the physical environment?; What is the long-term cost of ownership?; How and where will it be mounted?; What device is supplying the video feed?; Can the monitor be remotely managed?

While we try to avoid management by committee, almost all considerations are interrelated. It’s better to find out up front if an LED screen would not have enough resolution for the content providers, or that the ultra-thin bezel monitor is unaffordable for the person who’s paying. The wealth of monitor choices today means we can find a product to perfectly fit almost any project, but all the choices add to the time and complexity of making the right decision.

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