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With so many flat-panel display options now on the market, what is the best approach to making the best choice for a project?

Projects can vary from simple installations to very complex integrations that require precise measurements including flat-panel sizes. Having detailed specifications and requirements for your project will help make choosing the right screen less confusing.

Assuming you have carefully planned all facets of the project, the next step is to determine which features are needed. The majority of screens come with the same basic features i.e. internal timers, network capabilities, etc. For new projects, it may be worth exploring an “out of the box, ready to go” or “embedded” solution. By having a screen with an internal (embedded) player, you eliminate the need for a connected media player, hence saving money and simplifying your install.

Flat-panel price comparisons are negligible in most cases. However, if you can find savings on purchases, every cent counts. Saving a few dollars means you can use the remaining funds for other components in your project.

Lastly, make sure the manufacturer has a good warranty. As the old saying goes “equipment will fail.” When it does, you want to have the reassurance that the manufacturer will stand behind their product. 

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